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What Can I Do With What I Buy?

Many people don’t see clothes as “What can I turn this into?” and instead “What can I wear this with?”. There is so many different things you can do to clothes to repurpose them and give them new life. Some people do know what they can do with clothing but don’t want to ruin any of their nice new clothes. This is where secondhand shopping and thrifting comes into play. You can go to a local store and get a t-shirt for just a couple dollars or a sweatshirt for five dollars. You’d feel a lot less guilty if something didn’t turn out on a five dollar sweatshirt than a fifty dollar sweatshirt. You can take the t-shirts you buy secondhand and crop them to a desired length. Another thing you can do with them is take two shirts and cut them right down the middle or off to one side and then sew the pieces from the two shirts to make two new shirts. A sweatshirt or a pair of jeans can also be cropped to a desired length. You can bleach or dye anything, whether that be jeans, shirts or sweatshirts for a new look. There are endless possibilities that you can do with secondhand clothing and I only touched on a few. Pinterest is always a great place to find inspiration.

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