Is This for Men Too?

Mens Shirts Hung
Thrifting and Secondhand Clothing is for Men Too.

While many women are definitely thrifting clothes and buying secondhand, the question of whether or not men should do it too is brought up. My answer is yes, men should also be thrifting. Men’s clothing is just as expensive if not more than women’s and being able to buy something for half the amount of brand new while still being in great condition of is a steal to me. They should also participate in this because it just another step towards helping with the impact of fast fashion on our environment and the pollution that comes along with it. This allows them to change up their closet more often while wasting less. This doesn’t just mean that they should only buy their clothes secondhand. Buying something brand new is always fun and a great treat, but the smart way to approach this would be to sell some of your clothes you don’t wear anymore or donate them so someone else can continue to wear them.

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